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At Local Pumpkin, we believe that all people should have access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.

We are the Franklin family. John and Cathy grew up in the Tri-Cities and have raised their five children here. We live on two acres in Pasco and have converted our barn into Local Pumpkin Produce Box warehouse and headquarters. Four of our children work with us, along with other inspired team members.

Local Pumpkin started as an idea to make local produce available to people who couldn’t get down to the farmers market each week, to support local family farms, our local economy, and to preserve our desire to eat fresh local food.

For us, it's about passion for good health food, love for God and his creation, and respect for the importance of feeding our bodies tasty nutritious food to maintain health. We are all broken people that are in need – physically and spiritually!

This passion is what drives our team to join the food revolution to transform our eating habits and support local family farms and to be part of a community that wants to live life to the full. Eating heathy food is a great start to living the abundant life!

All this can't be done without a sincere devotion of each member of our team that works hard every week to source, pickup, inspect, pack and delivery awesome produce every week.

We grow and prosper as a family and a business because of our great local community!

Eat Healthy. Feel Good. Join the food Revolution!