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You have registed with Local Pumpkin Produce Box, you are on your way to having healthy organic produce delivered to your home or office.

Your produce box will be delivered on  by 4:30pm (We want to get deliveries done before dark).

Your First Order

If you haven't already done so, place your first order by going to our featured product page and picking a produce box, wether you are choosing a one time delivery or recurring. Be sure to pick first time order so we know when to start delivering.

If you aren't sure which box to pick, just pick the one you think will fit your family's needs, you can change the box you are receiving at any time. Because of the variety of boxes we offer you might want to change every so often to try the different boxes. Variety is the spice of life - right?!

How Ordering Works

You can signup to receive Local Pumpkin deliveries weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to your door. To add items to your delivery go to the "Add-ons" and choose additional items you might want receive on a one time basis or on a recurring basis.

Pay for Deliveries

Each week you will be billed the day before your delivery for your online order. 

Thats it!

Welcome aboard. We encourage you to shop our on-line store each week! We will be adding new items to our store made by local food artisans.

Thank you for your support!

The Local Pumpkin Team